New year’s resolutions and YTT

  Know that another great year is ahead. Looking back, I’d make no changes to 2018. So, what should a Troll do new for new year? That’s where I need you, dear reader. Ideas on a goal? Aspiration? Resolution? Reply and share your resolution for new year with me. Give me ideas! *scratches behind ear* Will also […]

The Hero We Need and Deserve

YTT is back. Miss me? I missed you, dear reader. Wanted to share the Author’s badass pic. She writes heroes; she is one. A pen in one hand, magic ball of electric entertainment in the other. Christmas came and went and this Troll enjoyed his holiday with his family–both chosen ones and born. Magic is hot […]

  Happy Holidays from Yumfuck Tiberius Troll, Leira Berens and Yorrek, the Brownstones, Daniel, Raine, and the rest of us in the Oriceran universe!   See you next year!    

Veterans Center Holiday Party

Tuesday was my 2nd annual sponsoring the local Veterans Center holiday party. It’s mostly Vietnam era Veterans. One of my favorite events of the year. Place was packed and the raffle was a hit. Lots of prizes this year. And spontaneous caroling! Can’t wait for Spring when I get to visit again.

A small look back. A small look forward.

  It’s been raining in Austin, Texas. Like the map shifted and we’re really Portland, instead. The overcast skies remind me of my days in Chicago – not the wide-open blue skies that are typical of big ol’ Texas. It’s good for putting my head down and writing, which is also good because there’s a […]

Assholes Beware. Alison Brownstone just came to town… Alison slammed right into the man’s back, her energy shield flashing. “You bitch,” the man rasped. “I think you broke something.” “Aw, poor baby. I hope I did.” Alison patted him on the back. She pulled out her 9mm and jammed it in his back. Magic had […]