New Release! Alison Brownstone Book 4 Available Now!

The Bitch is Back. Alison’s powers are restored, and her magic is sizzling. Dark Wizards gather in Seattle for a meeting. Alison isn’t about to let them set up business in her town. Her friends have her back, even if one of them may be a traitor. A dark wizard escapes the raid. Doesn’t he […]

Sneak Peek at The Peabrain’s Idea Chapter Three

READ CHAPTER ONE READ CHAPTER TWO CHAPTER THREE Bernie brushed the dirt off the front of his jacket, stirring the air with a damp, earthy smell. The odor was always clinging to the old gnome. He stepped off the curb at Lavaca near the corner of West 4th, still trying to take in that he […]

Sneak Peek at The Peabrain’s Idea Chapter Two

READ CHAPTER ONE CHAPTER TWO   Maggie’s sister, Diana stood in front of her repeatedly snapping her fingers close to Maggie’s face. “Okay, slow down. You saw Poppy’s tools fly? The puzzle box flew open… Crap, I told Mom no more potlucks with her friends. It’s on you if you ate dinner over there. Can […]

Sneak Peek at The Peabrain’s Idea Chapter One

  *     *     *     * There was a loud crack of wood splintering followed by the sound of chickens squawking in the backyard. “What the hell?” Maggie Parker stood suddenly upright, holding very still to try and catch any more sounds. Her knee banged against the tall, wooden dresser, and she let […]

New Release! Alison Brownstone Book 3 Available Now!

What’s stronger than magic itself? A Brownstone with a mission. Brownstone Security continues cleansing Seattle’s magical mobster underbelly while Alison draws strength from her trusted circle as she fights off the virus draining her powers. She uncovers the smuggling of magical pets and the harmful side effects of testing savage spells on humans and still […]