Sneak Peek at The Peabrain’s Idea Chapter Four

READ CHAPTER ONE READ CHAPTER TWO READ CHAPTER THREE CHAPTER FOUR Maggie jogged the short distance from her sister’s house to her mother, Toni Parker two blocks down Pressler. None of the Parker women had moved very far apart. Her mother’s large three-story gray stucco home spread across two lots and had a porch offset […]

New Release! Alison Brownstone Book 5 Available Now!

When you want an Angel, call God. When you want someone to kick ass… Call a Brownstone. Alison and her team are looking to expand Brownstone Security. Good timing, too, as it sounds like something is brewing. An unexpected phone call sends Alison to D.C. where she meets up with an old friend. Danger follows […]

Chapter One of The Rebellious Sister by Sarah Noffke

In every man’s life, there is that rare and distinct moment when they doubt their loyalties. Ian Beaufont was living in that moment, an internal battle waging itself on his insides. He was much closer to finding out the truth, yet the closer he got, the more he felt like an avalanche was about to […]

Meet Sarah Noffke

Sarah Noffke, who wrote the Soul Stone Mage series with Martha and Michael, is releasing the Unstoppable Liv Beaufont series and agreed to answer some questions for you lovely readers. Which mythological being or type of magic did you most look forward to writing and exploring, and why? Creating the brands of magic in the Unstoppable […]

New Release! School of Necessary Magic-Raine Campbell Book 4 Available!

A new MMORPG takes the School of Necessary Magic by storm. Everyone is addicted. Except Raine. Between school, social life, and chasing her dream, she doesn’t have time for distractions. She’s not getting enough sleep. No one is, and it’s taking its toll on both the student body and the teachers. When some of her […]

A Few More Peabrain Questions Answered

If you check out the What I’m Working On page, you’ll find the answer to the following questions have been added: Where did the idea for Peabrain happen? Why is Peabrain special? What makes Maggie special? I’m glad so many of you are looking forward to this release and so am I. The Peabrain’s Idea […]