Keep an eye out for Martha reading snippets!

Now in the Martha Carr Fans Facebook Group, Martha is reading snippets from upcoming releases and favorites from past releases. A regular date and time is being determined, but stay tuned to the Facebook group to see when the next session will be! If you aren’t a part of the group, there’s no better time […]

New Release! Book 11 of Alison Brownstone Now Available!

Alison bloodied the Tapestry, but has she defeated them? With her foes operating under the radar, Alison thinks she has time for reviewing pet parks and PR jobs, but when the mysterious magic-enhancing drug Ultimate arrives in Seattle, she is faced with a shocking conspiracy that might reach from Las Vegas to Seattle. Sadistic wizards […]

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New Release! Book 3 of The Adventures of Maggie Parker Now Available!

Elemental Earth Magic. Intergalactic Consequences. Maggie Parker holds the compass and her magic can change everything – but time is running out. Can the Austin Detective find the other Elementals and fix the great machine to continue the quest? They’re only a few steps ahead of Simon Wesley and his dark magic.  Maggie’s still searching […]

New Release! Book 4 of The Last Vampire Now Available!

New semester. New classes. New challenges. Can a 400-year-old teenage vampire learn to control her powers enough to manage the halls of public school? And not bite anyone of course… Vickie is making friends with a new girl, someone Alexis doesn’t trust. Alexis is starting a romance with Will, and Vickie smells trouble. Are the […]

New Release! Book 5 of Federal Agents of Magic Now Available!

Special Agent Diana Sheen is in an unending battle… … against magical villains on Earth, more of them from another planet, and her own government. The enemy’s use of a dire artifact requires a response. BAM will have to go after their own artifacts to even the score.  But there are plenty of people standing […]

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Do you like listening to Audiobooks? Would you like to listen to them for free for six months? You can do this with this giveaway. Enter for your chance to win a 6-month Audible Subscription or 6 audiobook credits (worth $90). Contest ends at the end of the month and there are multiple ways to […]