A new preorder and TWO free books!

Nov. 24

Giving thanks this week!

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and we want to thank you, our fans, for supporting Martha, Michael, TR, and Charley this past year, and previous years as well. To do so, they’ve teamed up with other LMBPN authors to bring you another six days of free books! This week Shield Maiden and WarMage: Unexpected are up for grabs from Charley and Martha, but you can also check out the other free books by clicking on the image with the six books on it below! (I hear they’re doing another six books in December! Keep your eye out for that!)

Book 13 of The Leira Chronicles, Return of Magic, is available for preorder. Thirty years have passed and Leira and Correk have made a sudden return to Austin at the behest of Estelle. Preorder your copy to get it the morning it releases – December 14!

Don’t forget to preorder your copy of All Dwarf’ed Up, to continue the adventures with Johnny and his hounds on Dec. 6.

And the next Goth Drow should be up for preorder soon!

Until next time…

Giving thanks with FREE books!

Free through 11/27

Free through 11/28


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