A new release, fan pricing and two preorders to round up the weekend


The weekend is finally here!

That means more time for reading books, right? I hope it does because we had two great releases this week and more are coming next week.

We have a new release. Yesterday, Watchman released! It’s not at fan pricing until next weekend since it came out on Friday. Kunith is still loose and Henry needs to put a stop to her for good while trying to track down their best bet to fight her – Stryker. The Pict has something up his sleeve. The question is what? Can they take down Kunith before it’s too late? Grab your copy to find out!

However, since Four If By Power released on Monday IT IS at 99 cents today. Grab your copy today before the price increases back to normal sometime Sunday morning!

The next Lunch Together While Apart will take place October 8 with a special guest hosting because Martha will be out of country. I bet you can guess who it is.

Other preorders releasing within the month:

Winland Underwood may have met her match. Is Fang a friend or foe?

Even his arctic fox is more than she seems, and Winland’s getting mixed signals. From everywhere.

Now she’s one step closer to tracking down the warrior witch, and the good-looking Wizard at her side is only too eager to help. But can the young Light Elf sense the danger creeping toward the wards around her town—from three states away?

So many magical lives are at stake.

More refugees are showing up every day.

Erickson, the turn-cloak hunter, is chipping away at the spells meant to keep him out.

The ancient kemana will play a role, drawing Winland in further, unraveling a web of secrets around her past and present.

But will it be enough?

Can Winland act in time to stop more hunters from tearing apart this newly built haven?


Everybody and everything may have returned to the normal world for Henry Neumann, but after venturing into Kunith’s multiverse, nothing is normal.

With Kunith still loose and Stryker who knows where, Henry needs to come up with a plan – fast – to put both of them away for good.

What he doesn’t need is parent’s coming back from an overseas vacation. SURPRISE!

But what they bring back with them might be the solution to Henry’s problem – they just don’t know it.

He’s going to need the help of everyone, including Stryker, to put Kunith away for good.

The Pict relic might just play a bigger role than he thought it would. Will he have to give it up to Stryker to put Kunith away? Or does he have another solution?

Get your copy to see how much longer Henry Neumann can keep his secret life as a shifter from the world at large.



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