A small look back. A small look forward.


It’s been raining in Austin, Texas.

Like the map shifted and we’re really Portland, instead.

The overcast skies remind me of my days in Chicago – not the wide-open blue skies that are typical of big ol’ Texas. It’s good for putting my head down and writing, which is also good because there’s a lot of books coming out in the beginning of the year.

Time to get to gettin’.

Good thing I like writing and making up magical beings (who might swear…we’ll see).

This past year has been a big year full of extremes.

A lot of new books, a little cancer, and a new house, mixed in with the Offspring’s engagement to Jackie. Each of those has a longer story behind them and they all overlapped each other. Like I said, it’s been a big year…

But the biggest event was that my oldest sister, Diana died unexpectedly after a short illness.

It’s a strange thing to lose a sibling. Standing by her bed, I kept thinking of our younger versions (kept picturing her red hair and very determined stare) and how much we had planned for the world. I didn’t see it ending just yet.

She was ten years older than me, and my hero from an early age.

Diana knew she wanted to be a doctor from the get-go and went about it quietly and with a certainty that made it seem like it had to happen.

Mix in her love of DC comics – there were packing crates full of comics when I was little – and Star Trek, and you can see why I admired her so much. It helped me see the world as a giant place full of wondrous things from an early age. It would serve me well later when life got tough to remember that in the end, life is beautiful.

In her honor, I am going to keep on trudging with that same attitude and keep an eye out for the wonder, sharing it as much as possible with others. Like all of you.

So, on to the next year – 2019 here we come!

Here’s what I know so far –

  • I’ll be sponsoring an online gaming tournament. Any gamers out there? Check out my Facebook page for more details.
  • More events at the Veterans Center
  • Good ol’ fashioned book tour to meet more fans across the country (hopefully some of you live in Buffalo, because Niagara Falls is on my bucket list, just sayin’)
  • Loads more books – including The Peabrain Adventures, and a non-fiction on success and getting out of our own way called Indie Writer
  • Not moving…
  • Just joined something called Camp Gladiators (little afraid of this one… doing it anyway) and will be working out more in 2019
  • Heading out into the dating world – have a bet with Stephen Campbell who can conquer their mountain first. Mine is dating – at least 4 with the same person and his is finishing his next thriller. Photographer is headed over this weekend so Campbell better be writing!
  • Spend more time with family and friends and get to know Austin even better – open up this new house for more dinners and parties and gatherings of all kind

That’s it – and it’s more than enough.

Probably, by the end of 2019 a lot will have happened (Anderle will have a wild idea and of course I’ll say yes, and off we’ll go…), and it will be another big year.

Looking forward to all of it. More adventures to follow.

~Martha Carr

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