A war is looming. Will Leira and Correk have enough on their side to tip the scales?


Get Battle Magic at fan pricing!

Can you believe the weekend is already here? It feels like it was just a day or two ago Battle Magic released! But the good news is that it’s already Saturday so you can pick it up at fan pricing! Remember that the price is only good for 24 hours and goes back up sometime tomorrow, so don’t delay! Get your copy!

Next week is Thanksgiving! There will be no new release, but a couple of free books and maybe some audiobooks to tell you about!

Preorder your copy of All Dwarf’ed Up, to continue the adventures with Johnny and his hounds on Dec. 6.

Until next time…

Reviews are coming in. Fans love Battle Magic! Hear what they have to say!

“I loved this book! But then again, I loved the whole series so I’m a bit jaded. Martha builds great characters and you feel that you are part of the group and involved in all of their steps and stumbles”
–Elle Riles

“I was anticipating an exciting book, I was not disappointed. I love how the humor comes through with the horror of battles fought. Great job finishing a story line without losing hope for more!!! Can’t wait for the next adventure with Yumfuck and gang!”



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