Adventure or nightmare? It’s a bit of both on Johnny’s newest investigation.


Bad guys just haven’t figured it out. Johnny’s back and they’re not gonna win!

Are all of you staying warm (or cool if you’re in the southern hemisphere)? I’ve heard the weather is quite brutal all over and unusual cold and snow across the United States. I hope you all are staying safe and warm!

Johnny’s done with the Feds telling him what they want him to do. He’s doing it on his own with his own P.I. business. With Lisa along for the ride, he has his first case and it’s a doozy. Shifters are going missing and it’s up to them to find out who’s behind it. Join Johnny, Lisa and the hounds as they search for the kidnappers in What The Dwarf.

More preorders will be coming your way shortly! The next book in the Dwarf Bounty Series, Academy of Necessary Magic as well as Secret Agent Mom will all be coming in the next week.

Until next time…

Johnny Walker brought his daughter’s killers to justice – Dwarf Style. Time for a new adventure with his hounds by his side.

Our fave Dwarf is hunting monsters on his own time. That’s Johnny’s idea of fun. The only Fed along for the ride is Lisa, and even she’s off the books.

But this adventure is more like a nightmare.

Shifters in the Everglades are going missing. Is it a feud between local packs or something more sinister?

Johnny and Lisa are on their first private case. A case that keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Old school Oriceran magic is at play. You know, the kind that has been BANNED because it’s too dangerous. Even dark magicals don’t touch the stuff. Does anyone still know the antitode?

Can Johnny and Lisa put a stop to the kidnappers and rescue everyone before it’s too late?

Get your copy to find out. Join Johnny, Lisa and the hounds as they search for the kidnappers in What The Dwarf.


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