All Dwarf’ed Up is here! And a preorder for The Drow Will Leave now available!


Are you ready for All Dwarf’ed Up?

All Dwarf’ed Up is here and thanks to all of you wonderful fans, it’s already a best seller. Martha, Michael and the team are extremely thankful to all you fans who read their books! I know they hope you enjoy them. When you have a free moment, can you leave a review on books you’ve read? It really does help Martha, Michael and other authors know what readers like.

AND, as promised, we have a preorder for The Drow Will Leave! It releases SUNDAY, Dec. 13. It’s the exciting conclusion to this series with our favorite Goth Drow in it! You won’t want to miss it! Place your order today so it arrives bright and early before you wake up (or before you go to bed if you’re a night owl) Sunday morning!

I also wanted to make a correction. I mistyped a new series coming your way. (This old gnome sometimes crosses things. It happens!) The new series coming out in the first half of next year is Case Files of the Urban Witch and it’s in the Oriceran Universe!

It’s your last week to preorder Return of Magic, It releases on Monday, December 14! And Zero Dwarfs Given releases Jan. 3.

Until next time…

Dwarf the Bounty Hunter’s going to Portland, Oregon, and the hounds are going with him.

Eight humans all marked with dark magic are losing their mind, terrified of a demon that doesn’t exist. Keep Portland Weird just took on a whole new meaning. They need a bounty hunter.

Johnny Walker is ready to clean up the streets and get back to his quiet front porch in the Everglades. He’s that good.

But a clue to an old case comes up where he least expects it. The Red Boar’s drug ring has spread across the country like a poisonous vine, wrapping around the one place no one dares tread with the bounty hunter. The murder of his daughter.


Johnny Walker has thought about cold hard justice for too many years. Time to bring it home.




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