All I want for Christmas is… Fan Pricing!


Christmas AND Fan Pricing? What could be better?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone who celebrates a holiday this season! Whether you are having a white Christmas, a warmer one or one somewhere in the middle, I hope you get to enjoy this weekend and the holidays with those you want to spend time with.

​​​Not only is it Christmas Day, but it’s also fan pricing which means Rogue Retribution is 99 cents today. And to make things easier on folks, if you miss it today, it will still be on sale tomorrow. Be sure to grab your copy and join Diana, Rath and the team as they get payback and take control of artifacts to keep them out of the world.

Today is the last day of SIX DAYS OF CHRISTMAS. Three books continue to be free. Check them out  here.

It was wonderful to see and visit with everyone who joined Martha for the Christmas lunch on Thursday! Thank you to everyone who came and we hope you enjoyed it. The next lunch will take place on Jan. 7!

A new 12 Days of Christmas with Yumfuck will be available next week. You can find it in the author notes of Charlie Foxtrot 101. Be sure to grab that book before (or when) it releases!

Don’t forget to preorder Magic Source and Above the Storm which come out in the New Year! Also, Rogue Agents on the Hunt is available for preorder now! Grab yours today!

Until next time…

It’s time for payback!

After the capture and daring rescue of her teammate – bullets flying – Diana Sheen is focusing on a new mission. Push back the cult emerging around Rhazdon artifacts.

Some Oriceran evil just can’t stay dead.

The legacy of the half-Atlantean’s magic is a dark and ancient magic that must be collected and hidden away forever – from everyone.

Kevin Serrano has the same idea with a twist. He wants to shepherd the powerful artifacts while gunning for Diana and her team. Talk about twisted.

Even the Army wants the artifacts to create magical super-soldiers. Leira Berens beat that idea back once before. Can Diana and her crew do the same?

The race is on. Will another troll make all the difference?

Can Diana and her team emerge from the scrum on top? Only one way to find out.

For action, magic, snarky banter, martial arts, mystical creatures, and high intrigue, join Diana, Rath, and the rest on their new adventure!



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