Fan pricing and the Academy is back in session tomorrow!

Feb. 20

A re-release of a favorite series

Fan pricing Saturday is here! If you don’t have the original Goth Drow series, now is a perfect time to start with the individual books, released under Goth Drow Unleashed with the first book in the series Strange and UnusualThis is book one of the three books found within Once Upon a Midnight Drow. It’s a great way to start Cheyenne’s adventures and join her on the challenges of learning how to control her powers and learn about her past and future. Remember, it’s 99 cents for one day only, so don’t delay on picking it up!

Magic in the Marsh releases Sunday! You have the rest of today to preorder your copy so it can appear on your device bright and early tomorrow! Second semester is bound to be just as fun as the first with Amanda and her classmates!

Power is returning to most of Texas and the state, and many others, are slowly warming back up. The snow will soon be gone. While Martha and many of her friends survived with only minor inconveniences, there are many throughout the state struggling with recovering efforts due to pipes bursting and other situations. There are a number of organizations setting up donation drives to help those in need out! If you are able to, consider seeing how you can help during this massive disaster.

The next pizza lunch will be March 5! Next Tuesday we’ll have the link available for sign up! Hope to see you all there.

Until next time…

I’m not Goth to hide my Drow heritage, I’m Goth because I’m not a quitter.

Note: Strange and Unusual was originally published as a part of the megabook Once Upon A Midnight Drow.

My name is Cheyenne Summerlin, remember that name. Somebody should…

The world can’t know I’m a Drow halfling. Not yet. I barely have these powers under my control, but time’s up. I’m about to take magic for a test drive. Want to come along?

The black-ops government group believe they can run my life… But I have plans of my own.

Watch out magical evil doers – I’m about to crash your party.

But will my training be enough?

Get your copy to join Cheyenne on her journey to use her Drow heritage and stake her claim in the world in Goth Drow Unleashed.

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