Are you excited for fan pricing Saturday? Two great books at fan pricing!

Dec. 19

Continue the adventures with Cheyenne and Leira with fan pricing!

The weekend is here and you know what that means. Both books that released at the beginning of the week are at fan pricing. Join Cheyenne on her challenges as she leads the Drow and deals with a new enemy in The Drow Will LeaveThen start on a new adventure with  Leira, Correk, and Yumfuck in Return of MagicIt’s been 31 years and Leira and Correk have returned to Austin to solve a new puzzle and deal with a resurfaced old menace. Will they be able to figure out the puzzle in time?

Only one way to find out! Pick up both books today before the price goes back up tomorrow!

Christmas is coming at the end of next week. We won’t have a new release next week, but there will be free books and new audiobooks to share with you. I’ll tell you all about them next week!

Don’t forget Zero Dwarfs Given is available for preorder and releases Jan. 3! Continue the adventures with Johnny and the hounds to kick the new year off right!

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Reviews are coming in! Fans love The Drow Will Leave!

“This was the best series that I’ve read in a long time I love the characters I love the plot a masterful imagination by both of you.”
–Kindle Customer

“This was an outstanding finish to the series. Well worth the time to read.”
–Avid Reader

“Cheyenne hits the ground running and Martha keeps her busy all through to the grand finale. I had to take breaks just to absorb all that was happening. Awesome.”
–Kindle Customer

Get your copy today on Amazon or Kindle Unlimited!

Fans love the latest Leira Chronicles release!

“I knew the book would be wonderful, it was. I knew the book would leave me wanting more, it did! What I didn’t expect were the happy AND sad tears , the laughs and the twists. What a wonderful ride!!”

“I love this series and most everything Carr and Anderle write.  Still, a fantastic read and can’t wait to read more, hopefully, they will go back and provide more info on Rome war.”

“Always enjoy reading about Leira, Correk and, of course, Yumfuck. Anxious to read more and hope to hear more with Izzy.”

Get your copy today on Amazon or Kindle Unlimited!


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