Are you excited? We’ve got two new releases to kick of 2021!

Jan. 5

Zero Dwarfs Given and A Defender Rises are here!

We’re kicking the new year off right with TWO new Oriceran releases! We continue the adventures of Johnny Walker this week with Zero Dwarfs GivenJohnny’s reviving his old reality TV show as a trap for his daughter’s killer. Will he succeed and capture those responsible? Will it bring him peace? Dive into the adventure today and find out!

And we launch a new Oriceran series today with A Defender Rises by TR Cameron. Ruby is home from college when everything changes with a huge bang. Someone wants to announce their arrival in Magic City and they did it loud and clear. Ruby is about to get drawn into a battle for control of Magic City. What waits at the end could change her life forever, if she survives the journey. Join Ruby and her friends on a new adventure! A Defender Rises released this morning!

Lunch Together While Apart will take place January 8. Register to win a pizza below. Reminder: Winning a pizza is only for US Residents, but ANYONE can attend the get together on Friday. We look forward to celebrating the new year with all of you then and hope to see you there!

Until next time…

COME ONE! COME ALL! (And bring your lunch!)

We will be doing another pizza lunch at 1 p.m. Central Daylight Time on Friday, January 8, and everyone is invited to attend.

Five winners will be chosen from the new sign-up to receive pizzas which will be scheduled to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the lunch! This will be our last weekly Friday lunch as we’ll be switching to monthly!

If you don’t win a pizza, bring your lunch and still join us!

To be eligible, sign up at this form:

Note: The chance to win a pizza offer is for those in the United States only, but everyone can join us on Zoom.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Make sure your pizza place delivers for lunch. Or note if you’re picking it up.

Johnny Walker figured out who killed his daughter fifteen years ago. The hard part will be bringing the monster to justice.

Bounty Hunter style with his hound dogs by his side.

But the assignments for the Level 6 bounty hunter keep pulling him away. The Feds want him to help a politician who got caught in the wrong places. A dark magical is using the naughty info against him.

It’s a sensitive case that will take some finesse. They’re asking Johnny anyway.

Still, the old cold case draws him in closer. After all, family comes first.

He’s gonna find out this killer doesn’t run. The Red Boar is recruiting Johnny’s old bounties to take the Dwarf down.

The Bounty Hunter has a trap of his own. He’s reviving his old reality show and stepping in front of the cameras. Will it work and finally bring him the peace he’s wanted for so many years? Either way, he won’t let his daughter’s killer get away again.

Join Johnny, Lisa, and the hounds as they take to the airwaves in Zero Dwarfs Given.


Ruby Achera just wanted a nice, quiet drink at her family’s casino in Magic City.

The Mist Casino sits just above a kemana with an interior that would make a ghost feel right at home. Of course it does.

After all, Magic City has to compete with nearby Vegas. A different kind of magic.

Ruby is just back from University for the summer, catching up with an old friend when everything changes with a BANG!

A series of small blasts are exploding all around her. Chips are flying through the air. Someone wanted to announce their arrival in town. But who?

Ruby is about to get drawn into a battle for control of Magic City. They just made the fight personal. Is the Ebon Dragon Casino next?

Will Ruby’s secrets get in her way?

What waits at the end could change her life forever, if she survives the journey.

For action, magic, snarky banter, martial arts, mystical creatures, and high intrigue, take a vacation to Magic City!


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