Are you ready for a three day weekend? We are!


Three books fitting for a three-day weekend…

Martha has had a few things up her sleeve and she revealed a little bit of it at the Friday Lunch Together While Apart yesterday. She’s building up the Dark Forest in her house for Halloween and a special secret is coming next week. Hint: It has to do with Estelle.

Today kicks off a three-day weekend. Do you have any big plans? One last big hurrah at a swimming pool or lake? Taking a boat out? BBQing? Or just a nice quiet weekend at home? Whatever your plans are, we hope you have a great time!

If you were looking for some books to read over this three-day weekend, well we have three books for you to enjoy this Fan Pricing Saturday. Check out the new series, The School of Roots and Vines, with Sophie Briggs and the Spike of Death. Then continue Idina’s story with Yielding To None. And of course, don’t forget about Cait and our favorite dragon, Aza, in Witch With A Target. All three books are 99 cents today! Don’t delay. Pick your copies up now before the price returns to normal on Sunday!

Don’t forget! A special something is coming your way next week – you won’t want to miss this newsletter on Tuesday!

Until next time…

Sophia Briggs has passed the entrance exam and is a freshman at the famous School of Roots and Vines. The young magical is an Elemental with a twist. She can help everything that grows out of the ground – and then some. Her magic is a kind that hasn’t been seen in generations.

A secret even to her, but not for long.

In the center of the boarding school stands an oversized oak tree that stretches across the campus and houses the classrooms – and is still alive. Even the tree holds a powerful secret that is being protected by a few.

But there are dark forces that are searching for the roots of the secret, and they pose a threat to the school.

Will Sophia discover what special magic she holds in time? Will it be enough?

There is even an enemy among them that could bring it all down if Sophie and her new crew of friends don’t unravel the mystery in time. Can you figure out the secrets of The School of Roots and Vines?


Idina Moorfield’s elemental magic has changed. The problem may be spreading.

Now, it’s affecting Hellion Squadron and the monsters they face.

But how does Idina’s team do their job when magic keeps changing all the rules before they can learn them?

Hellion’s missions can’t pause just because Bravo Team’s abilities are causing a little more havoc than normal. They’ll have to improvise, work together, and cover each other’s backs until Uncle Richard’s deadly research provides either an explanation or something they can use. If it ever does.

Without civilians being harmed in the process…

Or Idina’s unit completely losing it without the right intel, gear, or temporary new team members who don’t play nice with others.

All while tensions rise, new relationships are formed, and Idina finds something that might just run a little bit deeper than the family she’s known.

Work and life just got a lot more complicated.


Boston’s magical underworld is at war, and Cait Keane and her Dragon partner Aza are stuck in the middle.

The Roses and the Dragons are at each other’s throats after a failed assassination attempt brings their simmering feud to a boil.

The assassin that ruined Cait’s first day on the job has become a force to be reckoned with – and he’s got her square in his sights.

That’s okay. She’s got weapons aimed at him, too. Did we mention there’s a dragon?

But wait. The shifters are increasing the pressure, trying to force everyone off their land. The mysterious master thief is calling in his favor.

And Cait’s newly unlocked power means family trouble ahead. 

The ultra-evil Rhazdon artifacts are still in play as well. The fuse is lit for an explosion of chaos.

Cait and Aza will have to move fast to deal with all the challenges that face them.

Will their team be enough backup, or if it will all come crashing down?

The US Marshal with something extra wouldn’t have it any other way. 

For action, magic, snarky banter, martial arts, mystical creatures, and high intrigue join Cait Keane on her new adventure!



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