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It’s your last chance to preorder Magic Awakens and there’s a special sneak peek this week!

Happy Saturday!

Martha is out in the land of sunshine and movie stars this weekend getting to see a movie premiere produced by other indie authors. Check out her photos on Facebook. You might even recognize a name or two. She’ll be back next week with tales to share, I’m sure!

The last book in The Evermores Chronicles, Magic Awakens, releases on Monday! Be sure to preorder your copy to find out what happens to Fran, her company, and the Darkness Between Dreams!

I managed to sneak onto her computer while she was leaving (the troll helped – he tells me he did this ALL the time), and we managed to get a sneak peek of the new series launching next week, Chronicles of Winland Underwood. I have chapter one of One If By Land below! Be sure to preorder your copy after you read it to get it when it releases a week from Monday!

And if you’ve been looking to win some mugs and other things, a whole slew of contests will be coming your way as soon as Grace has everything set up to share.​​

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Preorder your copies of One If By LandWitch With A Grudge, and Defender today! All of these books release later in June! Preorder your copies now!

Until next time…

Winland Underwood’s boots crunched across the loose pebbles and uneven dirt surrounding the town limits of East Calico Rock, Arkansas. Most people would have thought a perimeter check around a ghost town in the Ozarks was a waste of time. Then again, most people didn’t know that East Calico Rock was no longer a ghost town.

Her job was to ensure the town stayed isolated from the outside world.

She passed the old oaks and hawthorns that cast much-needed shade over the northwestern edge of the town’s perimeter and took a deep breath of the fresh mountain air. So far, so good. That doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods just yet. 

Read Chapter 1 of One If By Land!

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