Audiobooks, preorders and a contest – three things you won’t want to miss!

October 5

Two new audiobooks, two preorders and a contest!

No new release this week, but we’re making up for it next week!

Instead, I get to tell you about recent releases in audiobooks as well as talk about a few other fun things.

If you like audiobooks, the BIG book 6, The Drow Will Leave, is now available for your listening enjoyment. This one is the last of the big 3-in-1 books, so if you were looking for audiobooks, they’re all out now.

And book 4 of Dwarf Bounty Hunter, Zero Dwarfs Given, is out too. I’ve heard a lot of praise for the narrator and the justice he does with Johnny, the hounds and other characters. Don’t miss this one either!

Did you see that Raven and Leander are returning on October 12? Preorder The Return of Raven today to get it bright and early that morning! And we have a contest celebrating the launch of the new series. Check it out below!

Don’t forget Rogue Agents on the Run is already available for preorder and releases on October 20!

Are you heading to Vegas in November? There will be a fan’s signing day in Vegas on Nov. 12 where you can buy books from Martha, Michael and other LMBPN authors and get them signed. You won’t want to miss it. It will be a great time for all. Check it out here.

Until next time…

Cheyenne is leading the Drows at last. But there’s still a lot that could go wrong.
Bianca is still cursed and could bring the blight down on them. The Nimlothar forest could burn and all the Drow with it. But wait, there’s more….


The O’gúleesh in Hangivol blame her for destroying their livelihood when they should have thanked her for destroying the blight. Cheyenne’s not a fan, either.


And now a new enemy is playing with portals on Earth.


It’s one thing after another for the Goth Drow. How does she fix one problem without creating four more?


Cheyenne will need the help of Inolu Roth the banebreaker, who charges a hefty price for clearing curses. Turns out she paid for a little extra mayhem, too. How will she keep everyone alive and intact while working with the FRoE?

Johnny Walker figured out who killed his daughter 15 years ago. The hard part will be bringing the monster to justice.


Bounty Hunter style with his hound dogs by his side.


But the assignments for the Level 6 bounty hunter keep pulling him away. The Feds want him to help a politician who got caught in the wrong places. A dark magical is using the naughty info against him.


It’s a sensitive case that will take some finesse. They’re asking Johnny anyway.


Still, the old cold case draws him in closer. After all, family comes first.


He’s gonna find out this killer doesn’t run. The Red Boar is recruiting Johnny’s old bounties to take the Dwarf down.


The Bounty Hunter has a trap of his own. He’s reviving his old reality show and stepping in front of the cameras. Will it work and finally bring him the peace he’s wanted for so many years? Either way, he won’t let his daughter’s killer get away again.

Raven has grown up and graduated from Fowler Academy. The young warrior witch and the fierce red dragon, Leander are heading out into the wide open world.

And we’re here to celebrate the return of Raven and Leander!

We received requests daily for more Raven and more Leander! And we listened to you! You’re getting more Raven and Leander!

The new series – WarMage Redux – launches October 12 and to celebrate that launch, we’re giving away this amazing Dragon Statue.

If you haven’t read The Never Ending War series, pick up the complete series boxed set today and read it before the new series launches!

Preorder The Return of Raven to get it on October 12!

Click here to enter for your chance to win this awesome dragon statue!


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