Academy of Necessary Magic Book 4: Hex in the Lowlands

Amanda Coulier has made it to the second half of her sophomore year at the Academy. The young shifter is itching to get out there and hang with her friends, learn more magic, and get better at using her claw and fang talents.

Too bad because she’s got a lot of waiting around to do. Too bad she’s not going to.

The potion she needed has properly aged, but Fiona is nowhere in sight. A sip won’t hurt, right?

And the teachers are giving mixed signals asking for help and abruptly changing their minds.

Signals get even more crossed when lesson plans are altered. Is patience the best answer?

You know that answer! Amanda is a ward of Johnny Walker. Waiting around for answers is not part of the family motto.

There’s a rumor of mutated Oriceran creatures and Amanda may have a lead. Time for the shifter to use her ghost wolf to find answers.

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