Academy of Necessary Magic Book 6: Jinx In The Hinterlands

Winter break? Amanda doesn’t know what that is. The Coalition needs the plants she’s growing and could contact her when she least expects it.

Spring semester is about to kick off when she hears new plants are needed. Will she be able to get enough of them grown in time? Time to take a page out of Johnny’s book but it will require the help of her friends… as long as they don’t get caught.

Her extracurricular activities weren’t supposed to interfere with school. Apparently, the Coalition can change the terms of their agreement at any time.

Balancing schoolwork with secret assignments is getting harder and harder. She needs to tell her friends what’s going on and get their help. Even if she’s not supposed to…

Can Amanda find an excuse to miss school not once, but twice? It’s easier said than done when everyone notices you’re missing.

Especially the cute new guy.

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