Academy of Necessary Magic Book 8: Abomination in the Bog

Senior year is almost over. Can Amanda and her friends skate through graduation?

Before second semester can even start, Amanda is on a mission to take on a new monster.

But what if the monster isn’t a monster? The young shifter knows that firsthand.

Can Amanda convince the Coalition to listen to her and save the world’s magic? Or will she be blown off as just a kid who doesn’t know what she’s talking about?

And then there’s a totally different monster – the kind who murdered her parents.

Senior year just got complicated.

Final exams, school dances, anger management sessions and graduation. Plus prevent the world from being destroyed by a magic eating monster.

Amanda’s gonna need the help of all her friends, and that one special boy, to pull it off.

Maybe there’s a job waiting for all of them after the Academy… if they all live.

Will Amanda be able to keep her sanity while juggling everything to save the world? Get your copy to find out!