Alison Brownstone Book 13: Dark Reunion

Sometimes even a Brownstone needs to get away from it all. Did the bad guys not get the memo? Alison Brownstone is on vacation. Do not disturb.

Oh they disturbed.

But when your mom is Shay Carson and she makes two requests of you, you take them seriously. 1. Go on a father-daughter bounty hunt. 2. Go on vacation. How can Alison say no? She can’t.

Two Brownstone’s on a bounty. That dude’s going down hard. One and done. The second task takes our Drow princess away from the home base.

It’s not like Seattle will burn down because Alison isn’t there, right?

Finally convinced, Mason and Alison take a road trip to a resort built around a kemana.

Your standard magicals at play until Alison is accused of streaking through the gardens and even accused of murder. Wait till Shay finds out.

It’s not paranoia if someone is really out to get you.

It’s time to clear Alison’s name and find out who’s behind the violence at the resort before someone else ends up dead.

Join the investigation in Dark Reunion.