Alison Brownstone Book 14: Drow Conqueror

Alison Brownstone is a Drow Princess with no ordinary powers. Time to remind a few people just what that means. Kick ass, don’t bother taking names.

Alison is in Mongolia to rescue Mr. D’s nephew, but things aren’t adding up. Are the other Drow trying to off Alison and her team to secure their succession?

The Drow haven’t learned their lesson about messing with a Brownstone? Any Brownstone.

Still, the challenges keep coming. The Drow aren’t the only ones making trouble. The Guardians are involved as well and aren’t as neutral as everyone thinks.

But chaos can breed opportunities. Can Alison make the necessary sacrifices to make it happen?

Can Alison defeat all the challengers coming her way? Will she ever get an ordinary life… well… for a Brownstone. Scroll back up and click Buy Now to join the battle!