Alison Brownstone Book 15: Drow Triumphant

It’s the beginning of the end. The other Drow princess and queen just don’t know it…  yet.

It’s business as usual for Brownstone Security. Drow threats or not, they still have work to do.

Agent Latherby requests Alison’s help on an off the books assignment that is more personal in nature. The government has basically said to leave it be, but after Alison and the team find out what it is, they can’t refuse.

It’s time to find a ghost ship and any survivors left from more than 100 years ago.

A ghost ship the Drow manage to show up at. This Drow succession fight is getting tiresome. Time to take the fight to them.

Alison has plenty of resources, including James Brownstone, to solve the problem for good. Is she willing to risk her family and friends to put the proper leadership on the Drow throne?

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