Big Easy Bounty Hunter Book 4: Bigger Monsters, More Trouble

What’s the reward for a job well done? A tougher job.

Matt and Natalia can’t catch a break. All they want to do is chase bounties, get paid, and live their lives in peace.

If only life in the Big Easy was that simple.

Everywhere they turn, something or someone is hell-bent on interfering with their plans.

Winston Blackwell’s plotting against Matt and Natalia turns dark when he hatches a scheme to remove Matt from the equation and leave Natalia vulnerable.

Will Matt prevail, or will Winston claim his ultimate prize?

Natalia is still plagued by her limited abilities in offensive magic.

A mysterious dark elf could hold the solution to all her problems.

With no end to her troubles in sight, she must take a risk to conquer her fears of inadequacy and defeat the ghosts of memories that haunt her.

Can Natalia find the answers before the crushing uncertainty causes her to fall? Or will she fail and drag Matt down at a critical moment?

Get your copy today to find out if the Big Easy Bounty Hunter can bag his deadly bounty and prevent darkness from prevailing!