Case Files of an Urban Witch Book 4: Rogue Mom

Has anyone noticed Los Angeles is going to the monsters?

The City of Angels is under attack and the Silver Griffins are calling all agents.

What monster is making the rounds and threatening to expose magic?

Gruffbar has returned and is invading dreams. The sinister Dwarf has figured out how to sap away magicals’ dreams and aspirations.

Silver Griffins Agent 485 Lucy Heron is on it!

But it’s getting worse.

How will she protect a growing band of magicals who won’t even raise a wand to protect themselves?

Calling all family. This will take every Heron, even the little one with the secret superhero club to take down the evil lawyer before he comes up with an even darker idea.

Can Lucy figure out how to defeat this monster plaguing everyone’s dreams before he turns into her nightmare?

Get your copy to continue the Case Files of an Urban Witch and look for the new recipe at the back of every book.