Case Files of an Urban Witch Book 6: Ogres and Mom

Lucy Heron knew Los Angles was a little weird, but dangerous magic is upping the ante and making art 3D.

At first, it was just one incident, but trouble never stops there.

Graffiti is peeling itself off the walls and starting fights on the streets of L.A.. Paintings are coming to life and stepping out of their frames.

Tucked at the bottom of the art is the only clue – the tag, VX.

Can the Silver Griffin Agent tag the art back before humans start to notice it’s not part of a movie? And what is happening at a strange tattoo parlor? The Silver Griffins will need to cover the entire city to put a stop to it.

Tracking down the mystery artist, organizing PTA fundraisers, keeping an eye on the Underfoots. It takes a magical mom and her family to juggle it all.

Get your copy to join Lucy, her family and the Silver Griffins as they discover art is not just in the eye of the beholder.