Chronicles of Winland Underwood Book 8: Eight If By Choice

In East Calico Rock, there’s always one more emergency to be handled by Winland Underwood.

Unfortunately, this time the emergency is her mother.

Just when Winland thought her mom was starting to settle into life in the refugee town, danger strikes once again. This time, Winland and the crimson heart are strong enough together to deal with it themselves.

But are the consequences of Winland’s new power too much for Leeland to handle?

When Leeland disappears in the middle of the night—like she did a hundred and sixty years ago—Winland now has the friends and resources to track her mom down again…hopefully before it’s too late.

Leeland’s dark past is a threat to everyone, and Winland has only one chance to save her mom’s life and her own.

The battle between dark and light inside Winland makes it hard to know just how far she’ll go to make good-intentioned ends justify horrible means.

Can those who’ve made terrible mistakes, even Winland, still be redeemed?