Dwarf Bounty Hunter Book 8: For Dwarf's Sake

Will he? Won’t he? It’s hard to say what bounty hunter Johnny Walker is going to do about his relationship, but one thing is certain.

You mess with his woman, you’re going to get messed up. Bad.

That is, unless Lisa kicks your ass first. The Light Elf is searching for her missing son and is not taking I don’t know for an answer.

Lisa knows she needs Johnny’s help on this one. She’s too close to the case to see things clearly.

Time for Johnny to bring out the big guns and leave the swamp to work the streets.

Because this is personal. Someone has come between a magical and her offspring. Pity the fool.

In a strange twist will it all curve back toward the Feds?

Join Johnny, Lisa and the hounds as they cut through the spider’s web of deception in For Dwarf’s Sake.