Fairhaven Chronicles Book 4: Nightfall

The war is here.

Victoria Brie is infused with more dark magic than most people thought was even possible. It’s made her powerful. Coveted. Feared.

There are those who want her dead.

She has been stabbed, shot, burned, bled, and hunted. She has been wrongfully labeled as a wanted criminal by a corrupt dictator. She has traveled the world to amass armies and allies.

All because she’s striven to protect the beautiful city of Fairhaven and its citizens.

But the time has come.

No more waiting. No more planning. No more hiding. The war for Fairhaven has begun, and to its victor go the spoils.

This series is an enchanting urban fantasy saga with sarcastic ogres, wise-cracking wizards, and a brutally addictive full-contact sport called Berserk. Your only regret will be not starting it sooner.

WARNING! This story contains cursing because these eighteen-year-olds are honorable rebels. If cursing offends you, you might not like this book.