Goth Drow Unleashed Book 17: The Drow Apparent

Cheyenne’s got one hundred and ninety-nine O’gúl activators. Take one down and crush it around – one hundred and ninety-eight to go.

NOTEThe Drow Apparent was previously released as part of the megabook The Drow Will Leave.

Can she get it all done before all hell breaks loose?

Someone is causing magical explosions at shops throughout Peridosh and precious items going missing.

A magical thief is up to no good.

Are they the Banebreaker thieves? What will they do with the stolen goods?

A new magical on Earth is opening portals and wreaking havoc, and not even Cheyenne knows who it is. It just might be connected.

Stop the thief. Interrupt the spell. Save both worlds. As long as Cheyenne can find him in time.

No biggie… right?

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