Goth Drow Unleashed Book 18: The Drow Lives On

The end to the fight is nigh. Cheyenne has accepted who she is and she’s done playing nice Drow.

NOTE: The Drow Lives On was previously released as part of the megabook, The Drow Will Leave.

Time to find Corian and stop the spell L’zar is casting before he creates portals between two worlds that could be wide open forever.

Can you believe he’s really doing this? Or is he being controlled by someone with darker intentions?

The FRoE and Cheyenne’s army of magical civilians better be ready for anything. Who knows what will happen while they try to save both worlds?

Will Cheyenne be able to stop the ultimate destruction without killing L’zar? Or will she lose her father – again – in the process?

Pick up the exciting conclusion to the Goth Drow Unleashed series