Leira Chronicles Book 10: Rise of Magic

Leira Berens is settling into the new house in DC, making new friends and setting up house with Correk and the troll. But there’s a monster loose in two worlds.

Wolfstan Humphrey is looking for a seat at every table and he’s making the rounds. Will he take the deal from the Dark Families and hunt down Leira? Or will an old enemy, Axiom, make him a better offer?

It’s Wolfstan. The magical from hell. He’ll try and take both and create chaos wherever he goes.

Allies are coming together with a young witch as their secret weapon to stop him. But how much longer will Lily Sharpton stay a secret? Meanwhile, the ring that holds the prize is still on the move.

Loyalties will be tested, family will come together and new friends will fight by their side.

Will Leira finally find the weak spot and defeat her enemies?

Join Leira, Correk and YTT in their newest adventure in Rise of Magic as the adventure continues.