Magic City Chronicles Book 4: Showdown in Magic City

The bad guys are on the hunt, and Ruby Achera is their next target.

The criminals in Magic City have realized Ruby, Morrigan, and Idryll aren’t giving up.

Gabriel “The Nightmare” Sloane is pulling out all the stops to take them out. Corrupt security companies gathering magical weaponry? Check. Deadly assassin adding a Rhazdon artifact to the arsenal? Check. Layers upon layers of traps and deceptions? Check.

Ruby’s friends and family are in greater danger than ever. She’s going to need some serious help. Calling all Federal Agents of Magic.

Ruby’s enemies are playing for keeps. Can Ruby do the same?

Throw the dice, Magic City, it’s time to see if this gamble pays off.

For action, magic, snarky banter, martial arts, and mystical creatures, join Ruby and her allies in Magic City! Get your copy and read it today.