Pixie Rebels Book 3: Pixie Platoon

The Pixie Rebels are no more. Now, Z Thornbrook and her miniature cousins are the Pixie MP’s, even if on base only their Captain knows there are wings under that uniform.

But what happens when you tell a group of new recruits who are used to running the streets to hide who they really are?

Well, mayhem – mixed with a lot of magic – and to the pixies’ surprise, a sense of duty and honor at their post. It’s a lot.

That’s going to turn out to be a very good thing.

Trouble is calling and it has their number. Dangerous, murderous trouble and the fun is about to end.

The Pixie MPs help Alpha Team capture a gang of magical cyber hackers that may hold a clue to the strange Oriceran symbol Z found on the Pixies last heist. The card from the bank safety deposit box.

Can it be connected to some larger plot? Did Z and her gang accidentally stumble into a larger danger?

It’ll take working together as a tiny army unit, small in size, but large in heart to figure out the mystery in time.