Pixie Rebels Book 4: The Pixie Squad

Z Thornbrook and her pixie cousins thought things would be more exciting since they were now Pixie MPs. Not so far.

They’re stationed in a cramped little office in a military police station on post doing mundane, boring tasks. Answering phones, directing calls, and taking care of paperwork.

There’s a method to the badness. They have to prove they can be responsible when they’re not battling magical threats alongside Alpha Team.

Can they convince their captain they can roll with his command?

Let’s find out. Their Captain just gave the tiny but fierce soldiers new orders for low-priority policing calls around the post. It’s a start.

Our favorite pint-sized military with wings seize the chance to hit the streets and enforce the law.

Will they stay on the straight and narrow, or will they risk their newfound trust to pursue their own secret mission? What if they have a good reason?

Join Z and her mischievous band of magical cousins in this fast-paced, action-packed adventure, as they navigate the challenges of police work, confront their past, and prove that even the smallest of heroes can make a big difference.