Pixie Rebels Book 8: Warrior Pixies

Z Thornbrook and her pixie cousins are all dressed up with somewhere to go. Major Winters is taking them to meet his bosses and the people who sign off on whether the OIP gets to stay or if they’re all out of a job.

They will need to be on their best behavior if they don’t want to get shipped back to Oriceran.

Easier said than done.

Especially when the pixies realize General Lark is the same Lark who’s papers they stole from the bank and is on a list of partners for Arbitum.

That can’t be good. Not good at all. Does Winters know?

The pixies try to be cool, but it’s hard for them to be on their best behavior.

They’re on pixie behavior – PANIC MODE ACTIVATED – until they get out of there and get back to base.

Time for the pixies and their squad to form a plan and put an end to Arbitum for good.

Will they be able to do it before Arbitum and a Dark Wizard carry out their nefarious plans?