School of Necessary Magic Book 4: Strong is Her Hope

Alison is a Drow with growing powers and a teenager with dark forces after her. It’s a lot when you’re just a sophomore trying to navigate being fifteen.

Doesn’t help when you’re attracted to a young wizard who tried to take out a classmate and your new dad is a bounty hunter named, Brownstone.

Most teenagers have to deal with grades, school dances, and curfews. At the School of Necessary Magic, Alison and her crew have school elections, a musical to put on, a tournament in Louper to win while learning how to use their growing magical powers – and a sudden outbreak of werewolves. All before third period and a class on potions.

Alison, her best friend, Izzie, Kathleen, Luke and all the others have got this. They better… After all, they’re being trained to save us all.