School of Necessary Magic Raine Campbell Book 3: Special Witch of the FBI

A stolen artifact. A menacing omen. A sick dragon. Just another semester at the School of Necessary Magic.

Raine returns as a sophomore, one year closer to fulfilling her dream of becoming the first witch FBI agent.

More complex classes, special privileges, and deepening relationships keep her busy. There isn’t time to investigate rumors of a large, black dog roaming the campus.

But when sightings turn into attacks, Raine can no longer deny something is wrong at the school.

Time to be a hero. No one else is going to get hurt on her watch.

Team up with Raine and her friends as they plunge into a strange mystery that’ll bring them face to face with their worst fears.

SPECIAL WITCH OF THE FBI is the third thrilling adventure in the School of Necessary Magic series. Don’t miss it!