School of Necessary Magic Raine Campbell Book 9: A Necessary Witch

It’s their final adventure. No more homework, no more books. No more dark wizards deadly looks. The Trouble Squad is graduating from The School of Necessary Magic.

Their senior year is wrapping up. Finals are coming up and decisions are being made for college and life after high school.

Movie nights, pranks, louper finals and trips to the kemana – Raine and her friends are busy.

Too bad the bad guys didn’t get the notice that Raine and her friends are good at multi-tasking.

They’re not so busy that they won’t take a break to deal with trouble just one more time and save their friends. Save their school.

When Madelyn and Erin disappear, the Trouble Squad doesn’t hesitate to help in the search.

But will they be in time? If Cina took the girls, they might be too late…

It’s time to end this fight and put Cina away – for good.

Join Raine, her friends, teachers and Agents Connors and Olivers on their final adventures at the School of Necessary Magic.