Scions of Magic Book 4: Bermuda Triangle Blues

New city, new chuckleheads in need of a lesson.

The battles in New Orleans are all about power struggles elsewhere, and it’s time for Cali to discover the source. It’s time for her and Fyre to visit New Atlantis and find out what the fuss is all about.

Both gangs in the Crescent City are fighting for control, with Cali and her friends in the middle. To do nothing is to risk those she cares about on a daily basis.

One of those, Tanyith, has his own people to protect, as the people who broke him out of Trevilsom prison finally reveal themselves.

Her parents left behind secrets she needs to understand, mysteries with no clear solution. The shadowy figures behind the Kraken attack might be involved, or might be just another bunch of people seeking to mess with her life for no apparent reason.

Watch out, New Atlantis, Caliste Leblanc is on her way to New Atlantis to bring the fight to you. Assuming nothing crazy happens when she travels through the Bermuda Triangle on the way there.

For magic, mystery, martial arts, and all the mayhem a canine-sized dragon can bring, join the Blues right away!

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