Scions of Magic Book 5: Spell Street Swing

Swords, Dragons, and Giant Crabs, Oh My! Can Cali’s magic defeat them all?

Cali’s taken the top job in New Atlantis. Do you think her enemies will let her stay there? They’ve already got plans to take out her friends.

It’s time for Cali to claim her rightful place. With Fyre, the dragon lizard at her side, she is hunting for the broken pieces of the sword she needs to reach her captured brother.

The Atlantean gang is pressing, the Zatoras have anti-magic bullets, and the stakes are rising. Cali’s in the middle, trying to keep New Orleans from exploding like a powder keg and the Drunken Dragons Tavern customers from wrecking the place.

Will chaos reign on the surface and deep under the waves? Can Cali bring everyone together in the House LeBlanc?

For magic, martial arts, and all the mayhem a canine-sized dragon can bring, join in the Swing of things! Scroll up and click the Buy Now button and read it today.