Scions of Magic Book 6: Sorcerer's Waltz

Chaos. Chaos everywhere. And Cali’s right in the middle of it.
Cali is the Matriarch of House Leblanc and has to deal with the deadly political ambitions of well, everyone.

Even the gangs of New Orleans have plans of their own for her.

Is Cali clever enough to get out from under the shadows of the Malniets, the Zatoras, and the Atlantean gang?

Help is coming. The master sword maker will restore the heirloom weapon of House Leblanc – if Cali can find the rest of the pieces. There’s always a catch.

Lurking in the background like a spider in her web, Empress Shenni, the monarch of New Atlantis, is weaving her own plans.

Will the Zatoras’ plans for Cali work?

Chaos is growing by the hour in New Orleans. Forces are coming at her from all sides. Who will win the streets of New Orleans?

For magic, mystery, martial arts, and all the mayhem a canine-sized dragon can bring, join the Waltz right away!