Scions of Magic Book 7: Enchanted Twist

The Zatoras and the Atlantean gang are at war. Caliste Leblanc is caught in the crossfire.

Long simmering plans have come to a boil and the Usha and Rion Grisham plot to and kill each other.

Below the waves, Empress Shenni is playing politics, setting Styrris Malniet squarely against Cali and her friends. The prize? Replacing House Leblanc when it falls.

That is, if the Malniets can get it right this time.

Cali’s pursuit of the pieces of her family’s heirloom sword become more important as danger stacks up. Any chance of avoiding the conflicts bearing down on her and her friends is long gone.

Can she get the information she needs to rescue her brother?

To succeed, she must rely on her friends and Fyre, and figure out what moves to make to avoid getting killed and get the answers she desperately needs.

For magic, mystery, martial arts, and all the mayhem a canine-sized dragon can bring, join the Twist right away!