Soul Stone Mage Book 8: Virgo

After a century, magic’s greatest enemy has returned—Vampires.

With Lancothy in ruins, Azure and the gang help the wereanimals find new homes. Meanwhile, the vampires are planning a merciless attack on Virgo. Azure’s homecoming is marked by blood, tragedy and a great loss.

Now the fight is on!

The need for a cure and a way to stop the vampires is more important than ever. The pages from the Book of the Dead hold the key. The final battle in this epic series is the darkest yet. Azure knows that once they enter the Great Pyramid that there’s no turning back. She must sacrifice everything to stop the vampires.

Ready for a brand new take on vampires? Step into New Egypt where the Founders rule, turning those with magic into Followers, one bite at a time.

*NOTE: There’s cursing in this book because these witches and wizards are just rude like that. If cursing is a problem, then this might not be for you.