The Agent Operative Book 6: Take One

Just what is going on in LaLa Land? That’s the question agent to the stars, well gnomes, witches, elves and pixies, Norah Wintry wants to answer. But being an outcast in the land of movie magic makes getting answers not so easy. Even when you’re a witch.

Frondle has disappeared. The hot gossip is he got a part for a pirate movie being filmed at the Catalina Islands.

A movie that has everyone who is anyone in Hollywood, and even those that aren’t, working on it. Meanwhile, production on other projects has either slowed or stopped completely. Weird.

Norah tries to get out to the set to locate Frondle but is barred at the gate and given an unceremonious exit. Someone doesn’t want her getting too close.

Good thing she’s not the only one trying. Come on, you knew our favorite witch had more than one plan. Will Cleo get in and get the answers? Is there something sinister going on with the movie?

Norah need to prepare for whatever is coming their way from this film. It hasn’t gone unnoticed that even the magical community is going onset and coming out brainwashed.

What is Magdea up to?

Will Norah and her strike force be able to figure it out and stop her before it’s too late? Where is this all leading?