The Evermores Chronicles Book 2: Magic Ambush

Who says an enterprising Witch can’t have it all?

Fran is an Oriceran magical with the mind for business and the enemies to prove it.

An old prophecy thought to be a myth has surfaced. Is it friend or foe?

The Mana Wave team has been testing a new invention that could change the world. Is the world ready for it? Will it be enough to save her fledgling company?

Meanwhile, magic in the area continues to destabilize.

The team needs to perfect their containment units – fast – to capture the dark Source causing all the problems.

Can Fran get a foothold in the world of magical-tech and save the city?

Grab your copy to read more about a magical protest, a family heart-to-heart, a wild boar with flaming feet, a disturbing prophecy, a felted unicorn hat, and more – and continue the adventures.