The Evermores Chronicles Book 3: Magic Source

What does a young witch do when someone dangerous is after her, but their identity remains hidden?

Fran Berryman strikes back and calls on her newly found powers. Super-sized.

What are the Evermores up against? It’s nothing good…

The Darkness Between Dreams is trying to track down the stolen book containing the prophecy of Tess.

What will the Darkness do when he discovers the prophecy points straight at Fran?

Everything Fran has built could come tumbling down – especially since there’s a traitor in their midst…

Can Fran and her new company keep creating and testing new prototypes, seeking out investors, and keeping the Source contained – while fighting off attacks from the Darkness Between Dreams?

Will they be able to achieve their dreams of Mana Wave?

Only one way to find out. Get your copy to continue The Evermores Chronicles!