The Evermores Chronicles Book 4: Magic Lineage

Mix together cocktails, a rundown factory, and an acid-spitting flying rat and what do you get? The next adventure for the Evermores.

The Darkness Between Dreams is hunting the Evermores – especially Fran.

What’s a young witch to do when there’s a powerful witch and military contractors gunning for her?

Dust off her wand and practice with her newly found magic. A battle is coming their way.

Mana Wave continues to grow. But the team needs to find a source other than Fran’s magic or The Source to power the batteries.

The location of their new factory just might provide a surprising solution.

More of the hidden prophecies are being discovered. Rumors are swirling that the Evermores will bring disaster to Mana Valley.

First, Fran will have to contend with a knife in the dark, an underground bar, and a talking wall.

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