The Evermores Chronicles Book 8: Magic Awakens

The Darkness Between Dreams is back and this time, he will let nothing stand in his way of unleashing his nightmare upon both worlds.

Fran and Cam have deciphered the prophecies. Something dark and terrible is coming soon and the light is needed to defeat it.

Will they be able to find out exactly what they need in time?

Magic is failing on earth causing fights, chases, and a quick break for beer.

Fran needs to convince the Evermores that her generator is a better solution than the Source. Could a wrong step lead to a magical civil war?

The resistance is steep, and it will take every ounce of persuasion she has to get them to agree to her plan.

Hope is a powerful weapon. Will Fran and the Evermores be able to use it to return things to normal and remove the darkness?