The Last Vampire Book 3: The Girl With a Secret

Vickie’s a 400-year-old teenage vampire in a suburban public school. Combine that with vampire strength and speed, mix in typical teenage impulse control and trouble follows.

Her new dad, Craig and adopted sister, Alexis are having trouble helping Vickie keep her identity under wraps – especially as classmates realize there’s something different about her.

Is time running out? Reports of a Last Vampire are getting back to the centuries old Circle. Dedicated to hunting down vampires, they are getting closer to tracking her down.

Her vampire senses are on high alert and she senses the impending danger to her family, if she doesn’t get distracted…

Can Vickie handle dating, homework, boys, and hanging out like an average teen, and protect her new family?

Will she be able to deal with the threat by herself or will it take a family effort? Will everyone survive… this time?

Find out in The Girl with a Secret. Click “Buy Now” to follow their new adventures.